Optimized Bluetooth®

Low Energy 5.0

Companion or SoC



The EM9304 is a tiny, low-power, integrated circuit (IC) optimized for Bluetooth® 5.0 low energy enabled products. The flexible architecture of the EM9304 allows it to act as a companion IC to any ASIC or MCU-based product, or as a complete System-on-Chip (SoC).  Custom applications can execute from one-time-programmable (OTP) memory, and digital peripherals (SPI or I2C) can be used to interface with external devices such as sensors, memory, display, or touch drivers.  A floating point unit can be exploited to implement advanced algorithms such as sensor fusion. Included in ROM is a Bluetooth 5.0 link layer with a Host Controller Interface (HCI), a Bluetooth stack with proprietary Application Controller Interface (ACI), several profiles, and over-the-air firmware (FOTA) updating routines.  The Bluetooth low energy controller and host can be configured to support up to eight simultaneous connections. Secure connections and extended packet length are also supported. The EM9304 includes a sophisticated on-chip power management system with automatic configuration for 1.5V or 3V batteries. Current consumption is minimized for all modes of the application utilizing an efficient scheduler and memory manager.  Several memory configuration options allow for optimum performance for any given application.  A stable, low-power sleep oscillator (RC or crystal based) minimizes power consumption while in a connected state.  The EM9304 features a state-of-the-art 2.4GHz transceiver: an extremely low-power receiver with excellent sensitivity/selectivity, and a programmable transmitter for optimized output power and current consumption. The PCB footprint and cost is minimized with a very low external component count and several package options. The circuit is offered in a WLCSP25 wafer level chip-scale package, a plastic QFN-28 package, and bare die/ wafer form.  The device and reference design is qualified over the industrial temperature range. Customer support for PCB design, and FCC/CE certification are available. A hardware and software development kit are available, including commercially available tools with IDE and debugger.  A website and forum are also available to help with your custom developments.



- System-on-Chip ·

· Energy efficient, industry standard, ARC EM4, 32-bit MCU running at 24MHz

· Floating point unit for sensor processing

· 136kB ROM including link layer and stack

· 128kB OTP for parameters, profiles and applications - 24MHz execution speed

· 48kB instruction RAM and 28kB data RAM ·

· 4, 8 or 20kB with selectable data retention ·

· Universal, sleep and protocol timers ·

· I2C and SPI masters ·

· Up to 12 GPIO

 - Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Technology

· BT 5.0 Controller Subsystem (QD ID 93999)

· Bluetooth stack (QD ID 84268) in ROM

 · SPI and UART HCI/ACI Transport Layers

· Up to eight simultaneous connections supported

· Extended PDU length and enhanced security

- Security Features

· True Random Number Generator

· AES-128 Hardware Encryption Engine

· Key Generation (ECC-P256)

- Firmware Over-the-Air Updating

· Per application, function or configuration

- Sophisticated Power Management System

· Digital step up/down DCDC operation

· Supports 1.5V and 3.0V batteries

· Scheduler and memory manager

· Low frequency RC or crystal oscillator time base

- Low Current Consumption at 3V

· 3.0mA typical peak receiver current

· 5.2mA typical peak transmitter current at 0.4dBm

· 1.0μA connected sleep mode

· 5nA disable mode

- High Performance RF

 · -94dBm Bluetooth Low Energy receiver sensitivity for 1Mpbs operation and 37 byte payload

· -34 to +6.1dBm transmitter output power range

- Low Component Count and Cost:

· 3 DC caps, 1 DCDC coil, 1 ferrite bead

· Single ended 50Ω antenna pin (no balun)

· 48MHz XTAL, 32kHz XTAL (optional)

- Packaging

 · QFN-28 (4x4mm), WLCSP25, and bare-die/wafer

- Industrial Operating Temperature Range: -40C to +85C

- Customer Support

· Hardware, software development kits

· FCC/CE certification support

· Forum for hardware and software support


Typical Applications

Bluetooth Low Energy applications such as:

- Beacons

- Wearables and Sports Equipment

- Healthcare Monitoring

- Remote Sensing

- Motion and Tracking Devices

- Home Automation

- Light Control Applications

- Wireless Mice and Keyboards

- Alarms and Security System

- Toys

- Enabled by the mobile phone as access point to the Internet


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