Enterprise Grade Proximity Beacon with Long Autonomy



EMBE01 is an enterprise grade BluetoothTM v4.1 compatible proximity beacon. It is particularly suitable for mass deployment by system integrators in demanding environments thanks to long battery life and robust housing. It is part of the EM Microelectronic line of Bluetooth v4.1 beacon family.  EMBE01 advertises ID data that is compatible with a variety of common beacon standards and connectable and non-connectable variants. The unit comes in an IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure, using 4 standard AA batteries for power (batteries not delivered with unit). A push-button and a magnetic reed switch provide respectively internal and external control, along with two LEDs for feedback to the user. EMBE01 is shipped pre-programmed supporting 6 common advertisement standards: I ID Data: Configurable UUID, Major ID, Minor ID, and Output power. iBeacon compatible technology I Alt Beacon :  Configurable advertisement type, beacon ID, manufacture’s ID I EddystoneTM URL configurable URL I EddystoneTM UID configurable Namespace ID and Instance ID I EddystoneTM TLM I EM Sensor Beacon EMBE01 can be delivered in any quantity with guaranteed unique ID numbers. A unique serial number is printed on the label and encoded in a QR code for optical scanning. EMBE01 firmware can be customized for individual deployments with the Enterprise Beacon Development Kit.  Complete source code and libraries are available through emdeveloper.com for registered customers. EMBE01 is FCC, IC, and CE certified, RoHS and REACH compliant.



- Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure

· IP-65 rating, -40C to +60C operating range  

· Size: 100x80x28mm; Weight: 160g (w/o batteries)

· Long autonomy and four replaceable AA batteries (not included)

· Integrated push-button, magnetic reed switch

· Red and green LED indicators visible through the casing

· Wall Mount accessory

- Bluetooth v4.1 Support, including:

· Non-connectable advertisement

· Connectable advertisement

· Connection from an initiating central

· GATT service support

- Unique Identification

· UUID: 699EBC80-E1F3-11E3-9A0F-0CF3EE3BC012

· Unique Major and Minor IDs (serialized)

· Unique Serial Number

· Serial number, Major/Minor ID embedded in QR Code for deployment

- Firmware and Parameter Upgrades Over The Air

    · Custom GATT services & supporting app to update standard advertisement parameters of advertisements (enable, disable and configure all advertisement parameters)

· Custom GATT service supporting full update of the application firmware and Bluetooth stack


- Indoor Navigation

- Item Tracking

- Authorized Access

- Digital enhancement of visual displays

- Location Based Notification 


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