Single-Cell Battery Bluetooth Low Energy Controller



The EM9301 is a low-voltage, low-power, fully-integrated, single-chip Bluetooth 1 Low Energy (BLE) controller. It features a low-power physical layer, a link layer with an embedded security engine, a Host/Controller Interface (HCI), and a powerful power management which allows operation using efficiently all kinds of batteries down to 0.8V. This feature is achieved thanks to an embedded high-efficiency DC/DC converter which provides the required voltage to the integrated low-power RF core. Moreover, the DC/DC converter is designed to support an external load current and can be used to supply low-power microcontrollers or sensor interfaces. EM9301 can also be ordered without DC/DC converter for all applications where a supply voltage from a typical 3V battery or from any other source is available in the system. In this case, the bill of materials is further reduced, since no coil for the DC/DC converter is needed. This BLE controller offers performances tailored for extremely lowpower applications. Furthermore, the minimum amount of external components required makes the EM9301 suitable for applications where the form factor is a fundamental parameter. The EM9301 controller is designed to act as BLE master or slave according to the Bluetooth specification V4.1 (Declaration ID D025195). It can be controlled by any external microcontroller featuring BLE profiles and applications through the standard Bluetooth HCI interface. UART and SPI interfaces are available as HCI transport layers. Moreover, during the intervals with no active BLE RF connection, the EM9301 features a proprietary low-power mode which can further reduce the power consumption. With its high level of flexibility the EM9301 is the best choice for a Bluetooth SMART 1



- Master and slave BLE controller compliant to Bluetooth specification V4.1

- DCDC version operating directly from a single 1.5V battery and noDCDC version from a 3V battery

- Functional down to 1.9V in case of noDCDC version and down to 0.8V in case of DCDC version to improve battery life time

- Low average and peak current consumptions allowing the use of low-cost button-cell batteries

- Widely-spread, low-cost 26MHz quartz reference

- 1Mbps on-air data rate

- 200Ω differential impedance of antenna port, no antenna matching elements needed through appropriate PCB antenna design

- Programmable RF output level from -18dBm to +4dBm to optimize current consumption for a wide range of applications

- Supply Voltage Level Detector (SVLD) function enables monitoring the battery charge condition

- QFN24 5mm x 5mm package or die form available



- Remote sensing

- Wireless mouse and keyboard

- Wireless sensors for watches

- Wireless sport equipment

- Alarm and security systems

- Wireless health care systems

- Beacon applications

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